About the Trading Pool

Trading Pool funds will be collected through OTC deals directly from your account on the Vault platform for full transparency and record tracking of where funds are directly pooled into the Trading Pool. All "Direct investors" (OTC buyers) will receive TPC coins, which can be purchased in investment packs with different discounts depending on pack size and priced in dollars converted in bitcoin according to spot price. All coins purchased directly will be frozen on Vault platform for 1 year to avoid dumps and increase stability and every coin will have Shareholder Rights to the Trading Pools Funding assets under management with redeemable rights. After 1 year the direct sale amount of coins can be sent to us to receive the full dollar amount invested, including the discount received when purchased. All rewards have no Shareholder rights and can be sold on the exchange at free-market conditions.

The Trading Pool will shift its allocation between CryptoCurrencies and Dollar reserves depending on the market sentiment conditions. At the start of the TPC phase we will maximize returns aiming a stronger diversification in top Cryptos with a 20% allocation in Bitcoin, 20% allocation in Ethereum and 30% will be allocated for the Forex Trading Account where we will mainly follow a systematic longterm swing trading approach with low effective leverage. Our backtests show an average 10% to 30% consistent returns over the past 8 years on several currency major pairs and crosses. A further 20% of funds will be allocated for exchange support where we can buyback TPC coins with the profits from the TradingPool and gradually increase the TPC price for all coins with no redeemable rights. The TradingPool will be rebalanced every time we have any large deviation from our desired allocation and rebalancing itself has proven to increase returns compared to a standard buy and hold strategy. "Direct Investors" will be able to vote on a 5% allocation of the portfolio provided their picks can support the allocated volume without any significant price movement. We will position ourselves to catch longterm movements adapting our allocation between larger or smaller allocation of Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings. The Portfolio will also carry an equal participation of Vault and Midas coins up to 2.5% each.

Investment Portfolio merging strong crypto diversification and forex investing
Rebalancing of Bitcoin/Ethereum/Forex
Systematic trading on Forex Backtests with 10-30% per year for the past 8 years
Redeemable shareholder rights from Direct investments

TPC Usages & purposes

TPC will act as an Investment vehicle with collateral backed by direct coin purchases and Redeemable ShareRights with the rewards providing a passive income for its investors.

  • Buybacks

    Reinvestment of the TradingPool profits and increase in buybacks and price support.

  • Marketing

    The trading pool believe strongly in marketing and will use its connections successfully gained through years of experience in the financial and cryptocurrency markets.

  • Safer Investing

    Shareholder Rights on the Collateral through Direct Invesmtents in the TradingPool.

OTC & coin Specs

All coins bought by "Direct Investment" (OTC) will be frozen in the CRYO program from VAULT Investments for a period of 1 year.

OTC deals for TPC 2.0 will grant you AuM (Assets under Managment) shareholder rights.
After the 1 year CRYO lock down you can redeem back your investment (+discount) in dollars by sending back the coins purchased originally.
All earned rewards are yours with all activity in the exchange external to TPC when coins are exchanged from one hand to another.

TPC Pack
On OTC serviceby VAULT
Coin Ticker TPC
Block Time 120 s
Total supply 21,000,000 TPC
Algorithm QUARK/PoS
Masternode Collateral 1,000 TPC
Masternode reward 79%
Staking (POS) reward 0.1%
Operations Fund 20%
Min Staking Maturity 12 Hours

Premine Allocation

37% Presale
8% Team
50% OTC
5% promotions & Giveaways

TPC 2.0 OTC Sales

All coins are purchased with BTC deposited in your own account on VAULT.Investments Platform and frozen under the CRYO Program on VAULT Platform (Free hosting).

Bitcoin Current Price
(Price in USD)
  • Copper
  • 50 Coins / $150.00
  • Discount 0%
  • $/TPC = $3
  • Saving = $0
  • Redeemable After 1 Year = $150.00

  • Price Screenshot
  • Bronze
  • 100 Coins / $292.50
  • Discount 2.5%
  • $/TPC = $2.93
  • Saving = $7.50
  • Redeemable After 1 Year = $300.00

  • Price Screenshot
  • Silver
  • 200 Coins / $570.00
  • Discount 5%
  • $/TPC = $2.85
  • Saving = $30.00
  • Redeemable After 1 Year = $600.00

  • Price Screenshot
  • * Gold
  • 500 Coins / $1,387.50
  • Discount 7.50%
  • $/TPC = $2.78
  • Saving = $112.50
  • Redeemable After 1 Year = $1,500.00

  • Price Screenshot
  • * Platinum
  • 1000 Coins / $2,700.00
  • Discount 10%
  • $/TPC = $2.70
  • Saving = $300.00
  • Redeemable After 1 Year = $3,000.00

  • Price Screenshot
  • * Upgrade

  • Discount :

  • + Coin :

  • Net Price :

  • Price Screenshot

* Have voting rights on the TPC-Committee


The CRYO Program from VAULT.Investments the next generation of quality masternode projects for investors looking for safer investments.

VAULT Investments provide a service to its clients and are not responsible for projects listed or featured in their platform or ecosystem. Users should always DYOR.

VAULT Investments is a safer way to invest - Bridging the gap to traditional investors.

Roadmap TPC 2.0


Frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via discord.

What is the TradingPool about?

It is a managed account with a diversified portfolio of strong CryptoCurrencies and strategic partnerships with a managed Forex Account where assets will grow and provide buyback support and steady passive income for its investors.

No fees are taken on the crypto assets under management. TPC CEO has his own node since the start earning rewards as all other users. Only the Forex account has a 2% yearly management fee. All remaining assets under management will be used to gradually support an increasing TPC price.

If you make a Direct purchase you will be funding the TradingPool increasing its assets under management while keeping a redeemable right on your purchased coins to get your dollar investment back after a period of 1 year. All the rewards from the masternodes or coins purchased on the exchanges can be traded on the exchanges under free-market conditions.

ONLY Gold and Platinum members will join the TPC-Committee for the annual vote regarding the 5% Pool Allocation and any other votes the CEO deems necessary. Direct Investors can upgrade their level if they upgrade their packs and get full discount from the upgraded pack.

All coins bought by "Direct Investment" (OTC) will be frozen in the CRYO program from VAULT Investments for a period of 1 year. Rewards generated from the frozen collateral can be withdrawn as normal or reinvested for maximum growth. Any coins reinvested will still be unfrozen and can be withdrawn at anytime.